For AVAT, trust and safety is a major concern. Our priority is that guests minimize the risk of fraud and scam so prevalent on internet these days.

Some recommendations

Too good to be true!

  • Beware of prices that seem too low. Beware of high damage deposit paid upfront. 
  • Always check rental prices for several properties in the neighborhood you would like to stay in so that you have a good understanding of the going rates for that area. Do your research!
  • If the agency or owner of the property you are considering is a member of a known renters' association or advertises the property through a well-known vacation rental website, you can contact that association or website to find out whether the owner is in good standing.
  • Google the agency, its owners or the property owner. Check there are addresses, landlines, company registration numbers, names and faces.
  • Check the URL of the website, owners and age with
  • Rent a villa from someone based on the island.
  • Put their company name into Google and look for their Google Business listing. It should appear in the right hand margin at the side of the website listing.


  • Contact the agency preferably on a landline, speak to them, ask loads of questions, it should give you a better feel.
  • Be especially wary of emails or telephone conversations with owners who do not seem to know anything about the local area or who use poor grammar in written communication and odd email addresses.

Get in in writing!

  • Get a copy of the contract before you send any deposit money.
  • Check that the address of the property really exists and call the agency / owner and confirm the location of the property, ask questions and other details on the contract.
  • Do not hold unlicensed events in your villa. If you have a special event planned, ask your agent for advice. They will know all the local laws and whether or not you’ll need special permissions.


  • Use credit cards or verified bank transfers.
  • Don't transfer to non related countries, non related companies or personal accounts if using an agency.
  • For payments to owners make sure it is in their name or their companies name.